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Kamloops’ Source for Vehicles, Trailers, and Other Springs

Drago’s Spring & Welding has been Kamloops’ top stop for vehicle spring repairs and re-arching for over fifty years. We also offer an array of trailer support including axel building, repairing, and flipping, hitch installs, and trailer alignments. Please keep reading to learn more about our services.

Broken Leaf Spring Repairs

Springs are part of our name. That’s why we’re Kamloops’ choice for all types of leaf springs for:

  • all domestic and import vehicles

  • heavy trucks and trailers

  • farm equipment

  • RVs and camping trailers


Contact or visit Drago’s Spring & Welding today for help with your specific spring needs.

Large truck leaf springs.

Custom U-Bolts

Whatever the application – piping support, wire and cable fastening, motor and engine shaft component fastening – if you’re looking for a U-bolt, we can custom build it in-house. We make round, square, long tangent, and J U-bolts in the custom material and finish you need. Call us today.

RV Trailer Axle Flipping

Whether you’re looking to:

  • gain trailer height for better clearance on backroads and gas station curbs

  • gain better trailer stability in cross winds

  • lower the front end of your trailer

flipping your trailer’s axels may be the solution. Visit us today to discuss your trailer concerns.

Caravan or motor home trailer on a mountain road

Trailer Alignments

If your trailer is not towing level, wearing tires excessively, or dog-tracking, bring it to Drago’s Spring & Welding for a complete alignment check and repair. We can re-align and adjust axles and fix any tracking issues.

Trailer Axle Builds & Repairs

At Dargo’s Spring & Welding, we believe in repairing whenever logically possible, but if your trailer axle is beyond repair, or if your hauling needs would benefit from a new axle, we can build you one using only CSA-approved components. Our in-house manufactured leaf sprung axles are customized to fit the dimensions of your trailer and built to last. We aim for a 24-hour turn around. Call us to find out more.   

Open road trailer.

Spring Re-Arching

We can help change the ride height of your vehicle or trailer by re-arching your spring pack. At Drago’s Spring & Welding, we work each leaf individually through our hydraulic rolling machine to get the arch you need. Contact us to find out if this solution is right for you.

Fifth Wheel Hitch Installs

Get your fifth-wheel hitch installed quickly and correctly by our experienced team of experienced technicians, so all you have to worry about is how much food to pack. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

The new fifth wheel on the truck, close-up. New truck saddle for semi-trailer
Industrial abstract for background, Backdrop, welding and manufacturing_

Need Some Welding?

We offer a full complement of welding services.

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